In Arduis Fidelis Lodge

No. 3432

on the Registers of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London


Centenary Meeting 

The RAMC / Army Medical Services Lodge is just a few days over 100 years old (hoorah you all holler - thanks we all reply).

Through a fantastic quirk of fate - one of our ex-VGO's is W.Bro D. Calderhead, PAGDC, PGStdB (RA) (also ex Royal Military Police and now an Honorary Member), who organises all star line ups for Variety performances (including the masonic one in London every November).

Our Centenary meeting is on 19th May 2010 at FMH and we will be having a festive board with entertainment after the dinner, with the line up organised by WBro David. The all star cast will undoubtedly include some very well known Brothers from the Chelsea Lodge so if you want to see Jim Davidson on stage, plus some famous others - please feel free to email me and I will arrange tickets for the meeting and festive board.

WBro David would not tell me who the extra special guest was, so that lead to some speculation - could it be Bruce Forsyth, or Spit the Dog, or Roger de Courcey or someonefrom Coronation Street or ????? . It will of course be first come first served once our own Brethren are accommodated.

To business, tickets for the festive board are around 45 to 50 and we really do extend a welcome to all the Brethren from the Circuit of Service Military Lodges. The GL visitor on behalf of Grand Lodge will be the Chair of the Circuit (VWBro Peter Sharpe) so we are anticipating a fantastic days masonry.

We also have a Brother who is a Chelsea Hospital in-patient so are hoping to have a Chelsea Pensionser's welcome in the traditional manner which our guests could help us with. Please would you spread the message wide to your Lodges and beyond to other military Brethren you may know of.

If any Brother would like to come along, please email me in the first instance ( with the following information so we can issue summonses nearer the day:

Lodge Name and Number:
Masonic Rank and Honours
Home Address:
Telephone number:

As ever,


In Arduis Fidelis

WBro Des Hillier